About Arpitha Exports

The company was established in the year 1994. Currently a 'Partnership'company with owner couple Mr. H Ravikumar and Mrs. H Kusuma as partners and Chemical Engineering Graduates. Initially started with a skeleton strength, now has grown rapidly to accommodate 50 employees and developed a 3000+ strong customer database and still growing.

Our sincere and tireless efforts to promote and educate the Architects, Builders and Developers about these new concepts have borne fruit and our products are widely acknowledge to be of 'World class' and designated as a Bench Mark' in the 'Tender documents' by most of the Architects in the Construction Industry across India.

Arpitha Exports

Headquartered in Bangalore with branch offices in Hyderabad, Pune and Gurgaon to facilitate quick access of our materials throughout the country.

Arpitha Exports is a leading manufacturer of 'Arpitha GI Plastering Mesh' 'Arpitha GI Corner Bead' 'Arpitha GI Plaster Stop Bead' 'Arpitha GI Groove Beading' Arpitha PVC Tile Edge Beading' 'Arpitha PVC Cover Blocks' 'Arpitha Rubber Column Guars', 'Arpitha Speed Humps', 'Arpitha Parking Blocks', 'Arpitha Steel Lintels', 'Arpitha Expansion Joints', 'Arpitha Rungs', 'Arpitha Step Noising', 'Arpitha SS edge tile Beading' etc . Our reputation has been established by listening to the needs of our customers for more than 2 decades and by fulfilling the demand for high-quality products.

Today Arpitha Exports is recognised as a leading brand in the building products sector. It has a reputation for superior quality and reliability that is backed by excellent service and technical support.

It has a record of introducing new and improved products to help the building industry meet the ever-changing environmental, legislative and economic demands.